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DANIELA ROSSI Today, 18:48
Roman Marchese
Roman Marchese Today, 18:42
nunca me das un brawl pyto dame uno
Dr.Salva. Today, 18:35
Nuevo brawler
M.R Huski
M.R Huski Today, 18:28
Если не подкрутите бравлера удалю игру
Today, 18:21
Дайте оператора
Today, 18:20
Дайте оператора
Today, 18:20
Дайте оператора
Today, 18:19
Дайте оператора
Smart Gamer Zone
Smart Gamer Zone Today, 18:15
@everyone Brawl stars european qualification
Daniel Labatt
Daniel Labatt Today, 18:08
Hey supercell, i feel in need of an update or even a teaser would be great there is very little incentive too play your game now
Aga Rin
Aga Rin Today, 18:08
Please legendary Brawlers Supercell
demetrio papandrea
demetrio papandrea Today, 18:08
con il colore giallo il nome
demetrio papandrea
demetrio papandrea Today, 18:07
che sichiama con il nome carl in grande che da 6 anni che glimanca leon solo lui perfavore dio di brawl stars
demetrio papandrea
demetrio papandrea Today, 18:05
e datte leon a un mio amico perfavore domani
Ali Rashed
Ali Rashed Today, 18:04
Stars power crow and Bo where😧😥😧😧😧
demetrio papandrea
demetrio papandrea Today, 18:03
quadate la lw beta anno meso skin e brawl
demetrio papandrea
demetrio papandrea Today, 18:01
domani vogliamo la aggiornamento e da un mese che cie questo video lo vogliamo domani capito brawl stars
Marko Zelenika
Marko Zelenika Today, 17:58
Im banned
Joao Gustavo
Joao Gustavo Today, 17:45
Já tô cançado de não ganhar brawler novo acho que vou parar de jogar supercell
Beatrice Soe
Beatrice Soe Today, 17:38
Could I get a megabox pls???
Pro Games Digal
Pro Games Digal Today, 17:25
mida os 5 brawlers de uma vez na caixa roxa porfavor
Zahar Kutas
Zahar Kutas Today, 16:33
Мне никто не выпадает
Maycon do GR4U
Maycon do GR4U Today, 16:21
porque eu não tô ganhado brawler mais em suparcel
Luis felipe Souza
Luis felipe Souza Today, 16:15
I want mythic
ツ•Black• Today, 16:01
give me legendary brawlers please SUPERCELL name is amendoim
Nabil El mallouki
Nabil El mallouki Today, 15:46
Fix teaming#StoptheSinPlz do it so many players wuited because of it
Çikture Maclı
Çikture Maclı Today, 15:20
Supecell brother I have a question to ask you, but before that there are many people playing brawl stars.And I have one of them.Az character, I have 602 trophies and only 2 rare and 4 trophy path warrior.I have a total of 7 characters.A lomg time character does not paper.I got into the game, I got Spike, I got Piper in another, and I wand a character fram you.
Sanitar Today, 15:14
Pliz pliz leon
Sanitar Today, 15:13
Sanitar Today, 15:13
Pliz leon
Ryszard Nowik
Ryszard Nowik Today, 14:56
Ban this Men
Nahla Sabbahy
Nahla Sabbahy Today, 14:42
my friends get brawler but I collect about 12 boxs I got no brawler so can you help me and thanks
Teddy C
Teddy C Today, 14:24
Supercell tira o mapa passarela real
Abdulmajid Karama
Abdulmajid Karama Today, 14:13
Mecha bo is just a robot.1his neck is made out of wires
S Sh
S Sh Today, 13:47
Дайте мне Леона please
Илья Зуев
Илья Зуев Today, 13:40
Где обнова падлы
PRO Hasker Гара
PRO Hasker Гара Today, 13:37
Супер сел дайте Пайпер и Френка
SOUNDVEIV Today, 13:02
Where my legendary bots in friendly battles???
Aswad Muslim
Aswad Muslim Today, 12:14
Bright star est le plus violent DE sur oui sur
YusufHSB 4
YusufHSB 4 Today, 12:09
Supercell pls spike my name leon plssss
Сева Осипов
Сева Осипов Today, 11:31
Ставь лайк если играешь в бравл старс
SkullLP Today, 11:06
You are the Best my name is RatzibrA153
eissa 7000
eissa 7000 Today, 11:00
Supercell nerf colt dynamike and piper plz
LoL BoI Today, 10:54
Hey supercell when I played showdown with bull then if someone shoot me straight I hear an pig shouting why?
Mäyrä gäng
Mäyrä gäng Today, 10:51
We need update
Леша Приходченко
Леша Приходченко Today, 10:17
Можно легу
supersell timo
supersell timo Today, 10:04
Elvina Musabirova
Elvina Musabirova Today, 09:56
Arman Khan
Arman Khan Today, 09:46
Brawl stars bring some voice communications in new update and it will be op
22feder / federico islab
22feder / federico islab Today, 08:41
What was the "Something Big" that came out on the 16th?