Game of Thrones | Season 8 Episode 2 | Preview (HBO)

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Zorris Everton
Zorris Everton Today, 20:00
shansa beautyfull, love u full
Jorah Mormont
Jorah Mormont Today, 19:54
00:20 one last good look at you before I die.
The Boss
The Boss Today, 19:42
Tomorrow evening 😊Who not excited press like 👍?
Jack Royal
Jack Royal Today, 19:20
I swear to god if jaime is killed like baelish.....
K Bharathi
K Bharathi Today, 19:16
If tywin is not dead, he would have ended the war by marrying Danny to night king .
Natthakit Korsawatpat
Natthakit Korsawatpat Today, 18:45
Greyworn will have to intercept nightking. buy more seconds for preparation
Shasha A
Shasha A Today, 18:37
Jaime can't die cause he is azor ahai
Akhil Holden
Akhil Holden Today, 18:36
it's gonna be epic
Kevin Ryan
Kevin Ryan Today, 18:34
My prediction: Jamie will die protecting Bran.
Alli CZECH Today, 18:29
I'm scared this season will end like avengers - infinity war.. Everybody die
Zack Musick
Zack Musick Today, 18:28
You leave my Jaime alone damn it!
nikolai bonbeth
nikolai bonbeth Today, 18:21
Subscribe to My channel for 7 years of luck
EdgyVenoM Today, 18:16
Bc Jamie ko kuch hua to gaand mardnga wajah bhi nahi btaunga. Mkl
Siege Today, 18:16
Jaime killed your father because he was a lunatic and he was going to burn all of King's Landing. Stop bitching about it and even thank him for attempting to help against the night king. I am really hating on Dany for the past season, to think I really used to love her.
gerard jandayan
gerard jandayan Today, 18:12
Rana Ahmed
Rana Ahmed Today, 17:56
Tyrion needs some bobs , vagene and wine
Snoke Kylo
Snoke Kylo Today, 17:27
Love Sansa!!!And Hate Daenerys the Terrorist. Doesn't she know about how her Lowlife psychopath Father was?? (Just like her)Overrated C*nt
luca sieker
luca sieker Today, 17:26
0:36 like the Battle of Blackwater Bay
Pooja Thanki
Pooja Thanki Today, 17:16
take note daenerys will burn sansa alive
E W Today, 17:15
I just realized theres a chance sansa will sit on the throne and i hate that thats a possibility
PenguinWolf 88
PenguinWolf 88 Today, 17:13
Is this dragon Queen for real.Her mad fuck father burned the Stark family members alive and she has the front to say this to the man who saved all Kings landing.
coolcasis Today, 17:11
When game of thrones is over there'll be many people taking their lives cuz theirs no meaning in life after that series is finished...
Ava Miller
Ava Miller Today, 16:57
This season doesn't flow right compared to past seasons. Also, I hate what has happened to Tyrion's character.
Aditya Sathe
Aditya Sathe Today, 16:48
Could this be the end of Jamie 😢😢
JDoactive Today, 16:42
0:33 That scene looks way too much like the scene in Blackwater where Tyrion lit the mofos up with wildfire.....coincidence?
Katerina Feisthauer
Katerina Feisthauer Today, 16:34
Sansa roasted Danerys. I love it.
Emre Turkmen
Emre Turkmen Today, 16:25
If Jon Snow survives at the end of story, i think Sam must be the Hand of the King... He deserves it 😢😢😔
Tony Stark
Tony Stark Today, 16:23
There must always be a Stark in Winterfell.
Ben Lowe
Ben Lowe Today, 15:58
If they kill Jaime we will riot
Its Demona
Its Demona Today, 15:52
Daenerys cares too much about her dragons and ruling the seven kingdoms. Willing to bet she abandons the living and joins forces with the Night King. I do love her though.
alemecid nomos
alemecid nomos Today, 15:42
Sansa is Cersei in the making!
Ankur Deshwal
Ankur Deshwal Today, 15:22
Hey HBO where is ghost and nymeria now ?
xQuuu Today, 15:16
First Name
First Name Today, 14:54
We all know that they will probably end the episode just before the battle begins..
Frontrunner on the road
Frontrunner on the road Today, 14:51
Grey Worm is so in love
Lisa Donnell
Lisa Donnell Today, 14:48
The only thing that would convince Dany to step down is her pregnancy. She lost a child already, 2, her baby and one dragon. That may save her.
Lolo Today, 14:47
i hate the fucking gnome and the dearf girl 1.60
Lisa Donnell
Lisa Donnell Today, 14:47
This what Dany has become. Wants justice for her Father's murder, kill him but don't listen to him explain what her father was going to do, the injustice of her Father's behaviour towards his kingdom. Jon saw her as a cold and uncaring queen, sitting on the throne was her desire, and if resistance is met, she burns them alive. Jon, is nothing like her. He was protected by Ned, Benjn, taught the importance of what Winter is Coming means and keeping them at bay. She and Cerci hate each other from afar, their lust for the throne is their goal, then to rule.Jon telling Dany he's a king, doesn't need her consent, doesn't care about the throne. His driving purpose in educating and instilling real fear about the dead is scoffed at. Davos, his change from supporting Stannis and his claim to the throne changed drastically when he met and saw Jon as being the best to rule because he sees the extreme danger all will face should they win.I fear Dany will not agree to Jon on the throne. She and Cerci see the 2 men in their lives as secondary. She'll use Jon's fervor to her advantage.I fear she'll go against Jon's claim to the throne, but deep down she knows he would make a great king, and is threatened. All of Jon's acts of courage may be undone and called into question once his true identity is known. Dany may turn against his right to the throne, even telling him that he never wanted or cared about being a king.
Anthony Delorme
Anthony Delorme Today, 14:42
I guess we'll find out when this episode comes out if Arya actually does die in the second episode (context: Jimmy Fallon April Fools)
Ayoub Sabi
Ayoub Sabi Today, 14:11
متى سيتم عرض باقي الحلقات
Duniya Muchatlu
Duniya Muchatlu Today, 14:10
Dany will do Jon snow’s Fire test instead of DNA
Benedict Cucumberbitch
Benedict Cucumberbitch Today, 13:55
Daenerys is officially the least likable character now in the show (after bran ofc)
l JK l
l JK l Today, 13:51
I still don't know how they should win the battle. I mean at the very moment when a living falls the Nightking can let them rise from the dead. The dead will cut through them like a damn mowing machine.
Jay Zikonta
Jay Zikonta Today, 13:45
I cnt wait!!! Someone just hack it already. Geeeeeez
Somuchsecrets Today, 13:37
The real question is: Will Hodor become a nightwalker ?
Paco Rabanne
Paco Rabanne Today, 13:29
PLEASE can you add in 4k !!! Shit SUPPORT!
Theresa O'Regan
Theresa O'Regan Today, 13:26
simG4 Today, 13:25
Sorry for my bad english, but you must know the episode have linked in France
Mister Xrd
Mister Xrd Today, 13:23
Night King for the MK 11!
Yash Nath Sharma
Yash Nath Sharma Today, 13:07
0:20 Arya : it's got many faces, I look forward to seeing this one.Meanwhile Dany : Don't point your arrow at me , I m your queen...