Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order — Official Reveal Trailer

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EA Star Wars
EA Star Wars 13 April 2019 21:49
Become a Jedi on November 15, 2019.
Adams Alive
Adams Alive Today, 20:00
(D)ad (N)ame (A)dam -“From one man (Adam), God made all the nations. God commands all people everywhere to repent. He has set a day when he will judge the world with justice by the man (Adam) he has appointed. He has given proof of this to everyone by raising him from the dead.” Cf: Acts 17:24-31"So it is written: The First Man Adam became a living being; The Last Adam, a Life-Giving Spirit." 1 Corinthians 15:45Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to mankind by which we must be saved.” Acts 4:12
Hridoy Zaman
Hridoy Zaman Today, 19:54
To complete loading fast pay 99.99€
Progen .
Progen . Today, 19:49
Is that the guy in shameless and joker in Gotham TV show?!?!?!? Wuuhhhh
bartimus 83
bartimus 83 Today, 19:48
E.A. Your the scum of the gaming industry. I would love to buy this game if you had nothing to do with it.
pedro Today, 19:32
Pvt. Salem
Pvt. Salem Today, 19:30
Wie war das noch mit "Singleplayer Spiele sind tot" von EA, diese Heuchler xD
No Wallet
No Wallet Today, 19:29
I hope we can choose what type of light saber we get with the color. I.e facing backwards (1 or 2), regular (1 or 2), and double bladed (1).
Tea Cake and Gaming
Tea Cake and Gaming Today, 19:15
Love how many times it says "Trust no one." True when it comes to EA and their track record. If this does actually get released, the sequels will be unfinished and all the children will be addicted to some kind of microtransaction scam called Ultimate Jedi, or something. We'll see how this goes.
a-Greg-soldier w
a-Greg-soldier w Today, 19:12
I dont trust EA but I belive in Respawn
Florent Today, 18:42
How nice to use a (bland) remix of the Avengers theme.
JaredDerro Today, 18:24
The only game I've ever preordered was sekiro, because fromsoftware have a history of being respected and liked. Don't preorder a game from a company that gets paid millions to cut actual content and introduce pay to win strategies and microtransactions every year. I've stopped playing fifa, madden because theyre so pay to win and trash now
Mira Apa
Mira Apa Today, 18:13
Lets hope it won’t be like Anthem and Other cancelled starwars games 😉
Scientic Zalt
Scientic Zalt Today, 18:07
Shawn Whiteaker
Shawn Whiteaker Today, 17:52
Remember, no matter how good a game looks, no matter how good it feels, the publisher is the one pulling the strings. EA has proven time and time again that their promises mean nothing, and so despite the praise this game is getting they don't deserve our trust in the slightest. Battlefront 2 happened, and we will NEVER forget how they bastardized one of the most beloved games of all time with their insatiable greed. Until this game comes out and we see it for what it truly is, do not trust EA. They will bend and manipulate that trust and exploit it for all it's worth, and exploit us as well.And EA, if you're reading this, this game is your absolute LAST chance to prove you can do something worthwhile with the Star Wars game license. Because if you fail us one more time, you're done. Over. Finished. Disney will tear you to shreds.
Klovr Today, 17:51
EA we know ur making a new game, but PLEASE add more luke skywalker skins to battlefront 2. We need a jedi master skin or any other skin from the sequels.
Core Hazard
Core Hazard Today, 17:47
please ea. dont screw this up. pls....
Ben Sheard
Ben Sheard Today, 17:43
Oh my god this looks like the biggest game of the YEAR!
Corky The Yorkie
Corky The Yorkie Today, 17:36
0:59 Sarlacc Pit
El Dub
El Dub Today, 17:31
This would explain why he wasn't in the past season.
Tommy TheTerror
Tommy TheTerror Today, 17:23
So hyped!!
Great looking cut scene..
PleaseKillMe Today, 17:18
They didn't say no dlc, get ready to pay a premium for a complete game
mintymunroe Today, 17:09
Is that supposed to be KJ Apa?
MrPipper Today, 16:37
can we all appreciate that the main character is a white male, I thought they went extinct
David Dougherty
David Dougherty Today, 16:37
I’m now expecting a Star Wars x Shameless crossover
AmericanGamer21 Today, 16:33
It's going to be a repackaged Anthem
AmericanGamer21 Today, 16:30
EA doing what they do best making trailers. It won't be a game that's for sure. Then they will alienate the majority audience. Sell you the rest of the game as pre-orders and dlc. Then give you better powers with "force boxes". Do yourself a favor and use that 500+ dollars EA will get out of you for this game and open and investment portfolio or something.
M C Today, 16:30
Only downfall for this game is ea made it
Alpha Fairfoxs
Alpha Fairfoxs Today, 16:20
Oh you wan't a yellow lightsaber, instead of the blue default one, ok $10.00 please ;)
Aaron Dunseath
Aaron Dunseath Today, 16:04
Hell ya for the republic
RandomBoring Today, 16:02
Lewis Harrad
Lewis Harrad Today, 15:40
$90000 dollars for the first chapter
DEAD PAUL Today, 15:38
Looks really really poo.
Captain Obvious
Captain Obvious Today, 15:31
will just watch the cutscenes this time. Still scarred from preordering the previous star wars game
Default Sim
Default Sim Today, 15:28
iLagOutDaily Today, 15:27
I can sense the force is strong with this game, Respawn don’t take sh*t from EA, Lucasfilms is involved. Respawn gave a great TF2 campaign, just came off a super success with Apex, and now they’re touching on one of my favorite franchises, They could be The Chosen One we all need. 🤷🏻‍♂️🤓 and lets all remember Respawn had free reign on Apex, with no marketing and bam great success and fun to play,Micro-transactions yes, but only if you wanna look cool, or like a doofus. 😬 it’s a option. Wouldn’t doubt if there’s some kinda cosmetic micro-transaction, put in but only solely by EA. Anyone not preordering or preaching not too, are either broke, or butthurt, or not a true fan of Stars Wars in its entirety. 🤭
Sir Crocodile
Sir Crocodile Today, 15:24
Amanda G.
Amanda G. Today, 15:14
C'mon man, I'm trying to buy a switch then this appears? I only have so much money
IT Gaming
IT Gaming Today, 15:12
จาก J-Z-B
duschgel 196
duschgel 196 Today, 15:02
What about battlefront 3? If you make a 3rd battlefront part and take everything good out of the 1st and 2nd part itcould be pretty nice.
old Boy
old Boy Today, 14:58
3 rules how EA survives: 1. Put a Star Wars video on Youtube 2. Over 9 million views. 3. Write what you want. EA is now safe, no matter what, you'll buy it just because you're a Star Wars fan. And EA knows that.
CCuppy Today, 14:56
Albert Murcia
Albert Murcia Today, 14:55
when the game looks more promising thant the films it's related toP.D. I mean the last films, 7 & 8
The 0ne
The 0ne Today, 14:50
EA - Fallen Order. 'Nuff said.
Jacob Virk
Jacob Virk Today, 14:39
1:55-2:10 favourite part of the trailer ^^
RealTurtlemir Today, 14:28
Cant wait!
Dreams Today, 14:13
Oooo new Star Wars game...I’ll be buying it when I’ve seen the reviews and fuck EA
PintOfSam Media POSM PGC
PintOfSam Media POSM PGC Today, 14:02
Hurry hurry!! Can't wait!👾
Никита Ступаков
Никита Ступаков Today, 13:46